Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cute Young Miss? Dress

From the seller:

There are six pieces to this tan/brown heavy silk bustle gown. There is a bodice, trimmed with thread design buttons, silk bows, and fringe, lined with brown cotton, and boned, there is a full length underskirt, a shorter A-line overskirt, a longer ruched overskirt, also trimmed with fringe, meant to be worn in the back, a tie with tails, trimmed with fringe, attached at the waist in back, and a brown brocade drawstring bag lined with blue and tan c.1860 linen or cotton. The short overskirt is lined and has a velvet band around the bottom edge.

The bust is 29 1/2", waist is 25 1/2", it's 13 1/2" between the shoulder seams. The skirt has a 29" waist, is 35 1/2" long, front and back.

It's in good condition, and though the fabric is strong, generally, there are a couple of splits at each shoulder, light underarm discoloration. Three buttons are missing, one is loose and will be provided. Some of the pleated trim has come unsewn from the front of the bodice. The waistband to the skirt has been replaced with a drawstring.

There is some color variation throughout, the A-line skirt is a little darker than the rest of the ensemble. The ruched overskirt has some tears to the top at the sides, just below the waistband, I have shown this in a couple fo the pics below. There are some small holes on the larger skirt, one 3" split, I have shown the smaller holes below. Some of the trim to the skirt, near the ruffles, needs to be resewn, you can see this in the full length pic. There is some dirt/discoloration at the hem area. There are a few odd dark marks to the skirt.

The bag, which might be earlier than the rest of the outfit, has a few tiny weak areas, but is very charming overall. The flash gives the outfit a pink appearance, it is more tan/beige. The fabric is not a taffeta, but a heavier silk sometimes referred to as begnaline.

From me:

Based on the measurements, this may be a young misses gown. 35" is pretty short for a bustle dress so either this was a young girl or the lady who wore this was rather petite.

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