Saturday, September 17, 2011

1890's Blue Walking Outfit

From the seller:

Striking silhouette to this c.1895 medium blue silk outfit. The silk has a subtle narrow stripe effect, there is a midnight blue velvet half belt and bow at the front waist, along with velvet lapels and collar, plus a lace jabot. It closes at the side with hooks and eyes. There is also an inner bodice which also fastens with hooks and eyes, but in the center. This has a vestigial velvet placket with buttonholes, and was probably altered from an earlier bustle era gown. The bodice has a V-front and back, with a narrow fan pleat in front which gives it a slightly pouffed bustline. It's boned and lined with brown cotton.

The skirt is flat in front and at the sides, with tight pleats at the center back. It's also lined with polished cotton, closes with one hook and eyes.The hem has a narrow velvet lining. The fabric has a slight changeable quality.

It's got a 24" waist, measured outside, is 40 1/2" long.

The top has some very slight discoloration at one underarm, the other a small area a bit darker.

There is one hole near one of the inner hook fasteners, this does not show when worn, as the outer layer of the bodice would cover it. There is also some slight stress to one seam in this area, about 3" long, this is minor, however.

The waistband lining to the skirt is shredding, there is a 2" split to the outer silk fabric right at the eye in back. There is one very hard to locate 3" x 1 1/2" area, near the hem, with some light discoloration, three very tiny spots to the silk fabric, one brownish streak about 3/4" x 1/4".
Closeups show the color closest.

From Me:

I love it when the seller is right.

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