Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1890's Polka Dot Bodice

From the seller:

I am happy to offer for auction this absolutely beautiful antique pure silk blouse featuring generous pleats both front and back and finished at the waist in a cummerbund style waist princess waist band tied in the front with dark green ribbons; there are small gold studlike half beads decorating each side of the waist band as well as the end of the collars and cuffs; very decorative, very beautiful. It is fully lined with silk and is supported by stays for maintaining shape. It measures approx. 24-25" at the waist and is approx. 17" from should to bottom of the cummerbund waist line.It has a wide scopped neckline. It is open down the back and fastens with hooks and eyes; it was meant to be worn skin tight at the lower bodice; a very lovely vintage item. It is made of pure silk and displays large dark green polka dots on a cream silk background. I have not attempted to clean this lovely item; it needs to be professionally cleaned; condition is excellent considering the age; no real damage; I cannot see any splits in the silk or any holes. There are one or two loose threads which could be tidied up. Buyer will be pleased.

From Me

This is just such a happy looking bodice. The polka dots are cute but I also like the beading detail and lacing detail added to the neckline and cuffs.

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