Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mid 19th Century Corset

From the seller:

’m thinning my collection of antique and vintage clothing and accessories so keep checking for more items!

Based on observations from those well versed in 19th century corsets, this corset most likely dates from the 1860s to possibly the very early 1870s. The main fabric is surprisingly thin, but very sturdy off-white cotton that is twilled on the inside with a smooth sateen finish on the outside. A layer of tan glazed cotton was laid over each of the 18 bones on top of shaped pieces of the same material laid over the front metal busk, the back metal bracing for the lacing eyelets tapering to form a band around the waist creating a striking two tone appearance.

It laces up the back through eleven pairs of small brass grommets, with two added pair at the waist, perhaps for extra ‘pull’ to cinch in the waist a bit tighter than the rest? The top and bottom edges of the corset are bound in white cotton twill tape and a narrow band or sturdy decorative edging was added along the top edge to help tell the top from the bottom. The original laces have been replaced with pink corset laces typically found on early 20th century corsets.

Condition: It appears to have barely been worn. It has a narrow rust stain along the upper inside edge of the knob side of the busk and a bit of very minor soiling for its age. Someone rather crudely restitched the outer edge of the middle of the tab side of the busk. The bottom grommet on one side has come loose, but is still on the corset lace. The glazed cotton has some minor splitting along the knob side of the busk. Someone has printed the letters “V.H.” in red/pink ink inside the top of the busk on the tab side.

Measurements: Back length: 12 inches (30.5 cm), Front length: 13 inches (33 cm), Waist: 23 inches (matches the 23 stamped on the inside) (58.25 cm), Bust & Hips both: 36 inches (91.25 cm). When the usual 2 inch gap or ‘spring’ in the lacing and perhaps using those extra grommets for an extra ‘tug’ at the waist, the resulting figure would be the mid 20th century ‘ideal’ 36-24-36 figure.

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