Friday, September 23, 2011

1890's Dark Green Dress

From the seller:

What I have for you today is this two piece dark green silk taffeta dress that dates from the late 1890s to the early 1900s.

The bodice has a button down front with 20 buttons. It has a mandarin style collar and cuff sleeves with two button accents. The bodice’s lining is in good condition and there is only discoloration at the underarms. At one time the seams where let out to make the bodice bigger. A professional seamstress sewed the original seams back to the original seams.

The full skirt is in moderate condition, the waist has been altered to fit a larger person and the waist was covered in a black mesh with an adhesive. This is not visible when the bodice is on. On the top half the skirt, there are three bands of taffeta that decorates it, on the bottom half are vertical pleats that go all the way around. Gathered fabric makes the back of the dress and also forms a very slight train.


This is in good to fair condition, but there are some condition problems.

Bodice: The bodice has slight stains on the underarms, but is not noticeable on a form. There is a slight tear on the front right bottom side, it measures 1 ½ inches long and has been previously repaired with green thread. There are two tears on the near the left underarm measuring 2 inches and 1 inch and also another tear on the elbow measuring about an inch. The right elbow also as a small tear measuring 1 inch. The collar has wear on the edges and has had some stabilization work done to prevent it from separating.

Skirt: The skirt has had some stabilization work done on it in the past to keep the dress in stable condition. As you can see from the photos, the inside of the skirt, parts of the pleats have been stabilized with black mesh with an adhesive on the inside of the creases. There is also some discoloration on the front bottom left of the dress. There are also 5 pin size holes on the front top left. These condition problems are not very noticeable unless seen very closely.



31" chest
24" waist
50'' around hips
21" sleeve length
46" skirt length

15 1/2''down the back from the collar to the waist

Could possibly fit a modern day size 0

From Me:

I love how well tailored this outfit is. Everything about it looks nice and smooth while still being down right gorgeous.

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