Thursday, September 1, 2011

Edwardian Robe?

From Me:
I'm almost hesitant to post this one because it looks very costumy to me except for the details in the back. I'm curious if it was an Edwardian dress or robe at some point in it's life and someone added the lace to it much later on for Halloween. It's something I've seen many times over -including in another item I'll put up later today.

Detail of the opening

Detail of the front lace

This detail is why I think it's an actual Edwardian. The piping along the waist line, the back seam to add fullness to the skirt, and the small tucks in the blouse are all very similar other Edwardian era dresses.

Full Back of dress

Front of the dress

From the seller:

This wonderful victorian dress is made of cream color linen. It has hooks and eyes up the left side at the trim edge. The dress has heavy lace down the front and more fragile lace at the cuffs and the collar.

The bust measures 36" and the waist is 23". The length of the dress from the top back neck edge to the bottom hem is 53".

The dress is in great wearable condition. The cuffs are a tattered and the collar has 5 holes. The front lace needs stitched down in a few spots, but no tears. There are no holes in the dress. The arm pits are great. There are a couple small spots on the skirt. I did nothing to this dress before listing.

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