Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mid 19th Century Men's Trousers

The trousers folded up

According to this, these pants did belong to a doctor. I was wondering why the title was called "Doctor's Pants"

From the seller:

up for bid is an antique/vintage pair of custome made Dr's pants in amazing condition!!! Laying flat the waist measures 14 1/2" wide, hips 20 1/2" wide, rise is 12 1/2" and the inseam is 31 1/2". Thanks for looking!

From me:

I'm thinking mid century based on the side treatments for these pants. They may be later. The pictures were mostly of close up and none of the pants laid out so I'm not sure what the overall look to them is -giving no clues as to the exact decade!

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