Sunday, September 25, 2011

Titanic Era Dinner Dress

From the seller:

Front & back tops show the cummerband around waist & the buckle closing in back of gown. There are hook & eye closings down the back of dress. Lace is not yellow as it shows in pictures but is white.

Picture to the right shows in greater detail the wonderful handwork on gown. The embroidered roses are done with long & short stitches as are the dots on lace. Around the sleeve are french knots which are either done in a brown or the thread has faded. There are also french knots down the side seams of dress which I couldn't get to show.

Dress is about 60" long, measures 30" at the waist & about 40" at the bust & hips.

Gown has been packed away for many years in acid free tissue paper. I'm not sure if this is a mourning gown or just a beautiful gown circa 1900.

From Me

Squee! This dress is actually from right around the early 1910's. Technically, this style is from about 1908-1913 -however, this is probably right about 1910/1911. Yes, ladies on the Titanic would have worn something similar to this. I think this is a summer dinner gown.

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