Friday, January 13, 2012

1840's/1850's Ball Gown Bodice

From the seller:

This antique Victorian era green and blue silk bust enhancer padded ball gown bodice top dates from the 1850s. It is hand stitched, made of a grayish green sage color silk fabric, with a bright royal blue color ruched gathered silk ruffle trim sleeve cuffs. This beautiful ball gown bodice top, has a rounded scoop low off the shoulder neckline, with a short cap sleeves and a short cropped fitted waist. It is fully lined in a cotton twill fabric, with silk covered cotton padded bust enhancers on the front and brass hook & eye closures on the back. The bodice has a 22 inch waist and 32 inch bust. It is in excellent wearable condition, with only some slight faint age spotting on the inside lining. This a wonderful piece of wearable early Victoriana and a rare find!

From Me:

And in the "what did they do before implants?" category we have this! Although the seller says 1850's, I think - based on the shoulder slope- this is 1840's if not earlier. I do like the splash of blue around the cuff.


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