Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Victorian Black Coat with Red Quilted Lining

From the seller:

Up for auction Antique Victorian Long Black Coat with Velour Appliques. Cranberry colored quilted lining. Lining has small tear (see photo). There is no size on coat. Some measurements are: Legnth (shoulder to floor) 47"; Arm (shoulder to cuff) 19"; Chest (underarm to underarm) 14"; Waist - 11". Coat buttons all the way down. Coat in very nice condition (see photos). There are no tags inside this coat -

From Me:

I want to say this is Natural Form era but I'm not completely convinced.


  1. It's hard to tell with it laying flat... I've never seen something like that but it sure makes sense. Mmmmh now I'm thinking of making one for myself !

  2. @Green Martha : I really wish there were better pictures of the coat but, at the very least, it is lovely. :-)

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