Monday, January 9, 2012

Cute Bustle Era Skirt

From the seller:

Antique 1800s Victorian original skirt
1. satin taffeta type of fabric, dark navy blue
2. ribbon trim woven oriental design
3. cord in front satin, chenille balls, satin twisted tassel
5. front lined with cotton,
6. bottom lined with heavy cotton and bound on the bottom with heavy cord
7. completely hand stitched, no machine stitching
8. gathered front completely hand stitched
9. bottom ruffles, blind basted on the back to keep pleats in place
9. good but not perfect condition
10.waist band worn on inside
11. part of back panel at waist has been cut away, see right side of back
12. can be repaired by using left side panel
13. clean, not stained, no rot
14. inside each side of skirt has tapes to draw the front flat and make the bustle
1. waist, 23 in., can be smaller but not larger
2. length, front 36 in.
3. around bottom 80 in.
4. hips, 72 in.
With repair of back panel this is wearable, repair is not complicated

From Me:

What a cute little bustle era skirt!

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