Monday, January 9, 2012

House of Worth Gown late 1880's

From the seller:

If you were watching this auction previously, I'm relisting it due to a non-paying bidder. Distinctively styled 1880s two-piece, cream silk ball gown. Deep pointed bodice is accentuated with graceful folds of silk over the neckline and shoulders - a few spots on the bodice silk folds. It's lined and stayed with a lovely 36 eyelet lace-up back closure. The cord feels like it was waxed; it needs new laces. The model must have a few ribs removed before the corset back will close.

The back neckline swag hides under the shoulder piece with hook and eye closure. Underarm shields were built into the bodice, but they didn't entirely protect the fabric from damage (stains and holes shown in photos).

The voluminous trained skirt has an inverted box pleated back with a gusseted tail. There are silk ties to hold the bustle back. The skirt is lined with a shimmery golden taffeta underskirt under the bustle area. A two-tier pleated satin and tulle flounced hem is faced with additional taffeta pleats and two tiers of pleated Valenciennes lace beneath. The under-train has a pleated taffeta lining. There is some dry-rot in the tulle areas but the silk and lace are excellent. I could have taken 50 pictures of the beautiful construction of this skirt!

Label: Worth, Paris

This dress was a museum piece that I purchased almost 12 years ago (for more than I'm asking today) from a reputable Ebay seller who is also a member of the Costume Society of America (as am I). It is an authentic Worth gown in as-is condition.

Approximate Measurements:
Bust: 30"
Length from Shoulder to hem at side: 15.5"
Length from Shoulder to tip of front: 21.5"
Skirt Waist: 22 1/2"
Skirt Length Front: 40.25"
Skirt Length Back: 50"

From Me:

Hello new people! Sorry I was gone for a few days, everyone. 12th Night in Williamsburg was lovely! I have a ton of photos to post and paragraphs to write over on my other blog ( Hopefully, I'll have everything up tonight.

Now, the dress! This looks later 1880's to me -almost 1890's but not quite with the skirt ties. I think the most fascinating part of this dress is that it is a House of Worth gown!

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