Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vintage Edwardian Swimsuit?

From the seller:

Antique cotton ladies bathing suit or sports uniform
1. I believe this is a bathing suit
2. dates early 1900s
3. I have seen photos of wearing similar outfits to pay sports
4. cotton with white cotton trim
5. bloomers are attached at the waist
6. condition is good but not perfect
7. this outfit would have been worn with long stockings
8. torn and repaired on each leg, just about the cuff,
9. also repair at the waist
10. not holes, no rot
11. this can be worn
1. across shoulders, 16 in.
2. bust, 38 in.
3. waist, 40 in.
4. hips, 44 in.
5. length top, 33 in.
6. bloomers from waist down, 21 in.
7. bloomer hips 48 in.
A very unusual item
I have quoted priority shipping, handling includes packing and tracking.

From Me:

If it weren't for the funky edge on the skirt, I'd almost say this was a man's swimsuit! I'm guessing it had a belt with it at some point in it's life. I think this is teens era but I'm not entirely sure. It's a very different piece from others I've seen.

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