Monday, January 30, 2012

Late Teens Era Black Jacket

From the seller:

This antique Edwardian Titanic era black silk soutache dolman sleeve walking suit jacket dates from 1912. It is made of a black silk fabric, with raised rope black soutache work trim detail accents. This wonderful walking suit jacket coat has an uneven hemline with back skirt drape, long full dolman style bat wing sleeves, a layered top, V front neckline and button toggle closures. It is fully lined in black silk, with a "Hungerford Sisters" store label sewn inside. The jacket measures 32 inches long, with 48 inch hips, waist, bust and a 18 inch back. It is in excellent wearable condition. This lovely loose fitting walking suit jacket would have been worn with a form fitting hobble skirt!

From Me:

I doubt this dates from the early part of the teens era. I'm thinking World War I on this.

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