Friday, January 27, 2012

Poss. Natural Form Era Purple Dress

From the seller:
This bustle gown dates to the Victorian 1880’s and is in wonderful princess style, one piece in its construction with its rear in a short flowing train. The gown is fashioned of a grid pattern grape colored wool with matching grape silk taffeta trimming its front and sleeves. Large cuffs are at the bottom of the sleeve with hand stitched ruched ruffling around the neckline and straight down the front with flat wide silk piping trimming down the front skirting, the rear centered in the silk with an asymmetrical cut styling to the rear with an off center swagging bow at one side, opposite having a pointed detailed folded trim. An attached band collar encircles the neckline. All of the buttons are missing from the front enclosure, yellowed faded soiling is seen to each cuff with several large areas of fading seen running predominately around the left side of the gown with a fist sized area scattered with small holes in the staining. The right side has seen fading down the skirt from the waistline to the bottom with a small tear to the silk piping above the bottom hem. Several small holes are in the silk taffeta of the sleeves, wearable if desired, could be repaired with trim to hide the flaws. Measures 30 inches around the bust, 22 inches around the waist, with a rear length measuring 64 inches.

From Me:

Although the seller shows it with a bustle, it looks awkward. The style is right for the late 1870's/ early 1880's, putting it around the Natural Form era.

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