Friday, January 20, 2012

Burgundy Lace 1920's/Early 30's Dress

From the seller:

Original lace dress from the 1910-20's is in very good condition, the lace is for the must part intact, only under the armpits and on the back of the neck the lace has overstretched and looks like holes, there are a few on the left armpit and one of the left, they are easy to repair, the rest of the lace is intact,

low waist the style is like a transition dress from the 10 in to the 20's

it doesn't have any tags. I don't know what kind of lace it is, is all hand in an old sewing machine

the size is large 12-14, or is an over sized dress, I don't have the slip that probably came with it

sold in AS IS condition


from shoulder to shoulder seam is 19"

across the chest from armpit to armpit is 23" across

22" at the waist

free hips up to 32" wide

the skirt is all made of single panels

the sleeves are 26" long

inseam pockets

sleeves are 23" long

and is 46" long

From Me:

I'm thinking late 20's on this one. I'd love to see a cream slip beneath this!

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  1. I agree, late 1920s. Right by 1930, and possibly in 1929, a waist seam, often accentuated by a very narrow belt, is everywhere. Still no hips, but a waist! :)