Thursday, January 5, 2012

Purple Ottoman Robe with Gold Embroidery

From the seller:

We are happy to present you this beautiful antique hand-embroidered velvet robe with metallic threads. It's in overall good condition (with several stains on the inside, as seen in the photos). The circumference at the underarm section is 55''; the circumference at the bottom hem is 94.5''; the sleeve length is 19.7''; the sleeve's circumference is 16.5''; and the total height is 55''

From Me:

This is from the same seller who sold the cut up caftan I posted a couple of days ago. I love the look of Ottoman/Turkish Embroidery but there is no way I'd buy from him.


  1. Dear Isabella
    Is it for sale? Can you give me the sellers email adress, if You don't own this Bindalli? If it's yours would you want to exchange for something else? I have fine things from 1860-188o, that is not seen any other places.
    Best regards Pia


  2. Dear Isabella , I would be interested in buying this tunic or robe similar contact me at the email, Thanks

    1. Hi,

      Sorry, but this blog is for showing antique garments that have previously been available at auction or for sale on a temporary basis online. It's an archive, not a selling site. This particular garment was up for auction by someone else back in 2012 or earlier based upon the date of this blog post.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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