Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tea Time! 1890's Style!

From the seller:
This is an exceptional French gown from the early 20th century, Referencing 16th century costume, the trained underdress of flesh poie de soie with full foundation with stays, the front overlaid with tightly gathered apple blossom pink silk chiffon with harem hem and forms a deep hemline treatment at back, the wide square neckline and empire waistline trimmed with creme velvet ribbon densely embroidered in metallic silver threads, copper seed beads, faux peridot and pink floss, the elbow length puff sleeves of chine silk satin with polychrome flowers and a pink ground, the slightly shorter redincote starting from neckline and pleated center back, edged in machine reproduction 18th century Burano lace, size 2/4, labeled: Mme. Lodaux/3 Rue de Richelieu/Paris. Very good condition but does have damage. The watered silk sleeves have tears, also a few tiny holes in chiffon. There are also some very small areas where the pink silk that is under the chiffon has slits. Over all very good.

From Me:

I think the seller grabbed a hold of a costuming book and just yanked out random terms. This is a very lovely example of a Tea Dress from the late 19th Century. The colors and the details are amazing!

Edit: I recently found the original auction for this dress back in 2004. It looks like it went through a lot in just eight years!

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