Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bustle Era Black Walking Outfit

From the seller:

I' m selling this Victorian 3 piece assemble, the jacket, the blouse and the petticoat as it was found it, fresh out of an attic, not cleaned or restored. The fabric is in strong solid condition, no fraying or weakness, one button is missing and 1 button needs repair on the long jacket, other than that the jacket is in very good condition.. The skirt has 2 tears on each top back side of the hip, seen on Photo No.8. The cotton lace top blouse has some soiling but no damages to the lace or the cotton, as seen on Photos No.11 and 12. The size is a Small. The measurements are, Jacket- Bust 35", Waist 34", Shoulders 16", Sleeves are 25" long and measured from the back of the neck it is 35" long. The petticoat has an adjustable waist string and stretched out it measures 14" straight across and is 37" long. The blouse measurements are, Bust 33", Waist 27" and the Shoulders are 15".

From Me:

This is one of those that confuse me. The jacket screams 1880's but the blouse piece is more indicative of the 1900's. It is very possible that they were put together at a later date and the seller just thought they belonged together. The other part that really bugs me is the tag - it looks modern. Now, it could still be 19th Century but this also could have been for a movie. The only thing going against a movie set costume is the amount of hand sewing on the inside of the jacket.

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