Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Black 1920's Dress

From the seller:

A stunning 1920’s Art deco period black chiffon beaded two piece flapper dress. The top is a separate piece. The dress is lavishly trimmed with silver bugle beads and rhinestones. The under dress has an attached black silk slip that is trimmed a the top with silver metallic lace edging. The skirt has a layered overskirt with a front split panel. The dress is in good condition but does have areas of missing beading, mostly along the hemline of the top. There is no underarm discoloration and no holes except for tiny pin size holes where the beads are missing. Bust 38 Waist 40 Hips 42 Length of under dress from shoulder to hemline 44.

From Me:

I love how the bust/waist/hips go from 34"/24"/36" to 38"/40"/42" once the corset is gone. Yes, ladies in the Victorian and Edwardian periods were a bit smaller than we are today but not by that much. Otherwise, all the 1920's - post WWI or just after the corset- dresses wouldn't be wearable sizes.

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