Sunday, January 22, 2012

1870's Beaded Bodice Cover

From the seller:
This piece dates to the Victorian 19th century and is a rich, knit lattice work of shimmering blue glass beading with each shoulder trimmed in knit leaves that are edged in beading with knit and beaded bob dangles. A button stitched floral pattern beading encircles the neckline, its forked tail is in large leaves and florals with three over sized bead bob dangles trimming each side. The full sweep is trimmed in beaded bob dangles. There is a minor discoloration seen to the built up button hole stitching, I assume that this due to the metal rings of the interior of the knit work, there is no breakage to the fine lattice detail, several small beaded tassels could use a strengthening stitch and the hooks of the front are all but absent. Measures 32 inches around the bust, 24 inches around the waist, and a full rear length of 27 inches.

Vintage clothing is described to its best and sold as found…and described as accurately as possible. The items HAVE NOT been cleaned and should be cleaned prior to wearing at the discretion of the buyer. Often for proper fit, hang, and wear ability, pieces will need to be altered and/or adding a hook or snap here or there, with a seam closure or strengthening needed. Vintage clothing is most often worn previously, and if old stock, often has slight imperfections from storage, a hint of color or odor.
From Me:I love this so much! I'm guessing either closer to the start of the Bustle Era or closer to the Natural Form. Either way, somewhere around the 1870's.

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