Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1890's Day Wear Dress

From the seller:
This 1890's brown silk faille dress with the leg a mutton sleeves is the perfect silhouette for a Gibson girl. The skirt has a waist of 23 and a length of 37.5. The bodice has a bust of 33, a waist of 23.5 and a shoulder of 13. There is metallic trim to the bodice and on the cuff of the sleeves. There is a hook missing on the bodice and another hook that needs to be sewn back on. The condition of the bodice is good overall, but the skirt has some dark stains down the front and splattered on it. Because of the deep color they aren't so noticeable at first. In soft museum lighting they disappear all together. I tried to photo the stains but they didn't show in the pictures. The dress makes a great display piece. There is a "L" shape tear inside one of the big pleats on the back of the skirt. It has been mended and is not noticeable because it is inside the pleating. This is a wonderful piece of fashion history.

From Me:

Although the colors are a bit on the dull side, the sleeves and pleating on the bodice make up for it!

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