Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Northern Cheyenne Mocassins

From the seller:
Native American Indian Beaded Moccasins

These incredible moccasins are the real thing; they have been worn and used, you can see the imprint of the woman’s foot and toes in the hide on the bottom of the moccasins. I believe they are Northern Cheyenne Indian, early 1900’s and are in very good condition; nice and clean with no holes or stains. Moccasins are sinew sewn, with typical bead colors in white, dark blue, light blue, red and green. Tongue has beaded border that matches the border on the moccasins openings. They measure 10" long by 4" wide by 2" tall and come from a non smoking home.

These Moccasins are very collectable especially in this condition and a wonderful example of the Native American craftsmanship and artistry.

From Me:
My hands hurt just thinking about beading leather like that!

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