Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bustle Era Bodice

From the seller:

Please read and understand what's being offered and the terms prior to bidding. Offered for your consideration is this Victorian blouse with ten antique buttons. The blouse is being offered in "as found" (AS IS), estate fresh condition. It hasn't been cleaned or tampered with in any manner. The overall quality and condition of the blouse is poor/fair. This auction is primarily for the old buttons. I have provided several images to give you a fairly good idea as to what's being offered and its overall quality and condition (do consider the images part of the description). In my opinion the images do NOT do these nice old buttons full justice. Each button measures 3/4" across. None of the buttons are marked; they are UNMARKED. Thank you.

From Me:

It's a shame he didn't provide inside shots. This is a very neat example of a Bustle Era bodice. Look at those sleeves! I'm not entirely sure if it's 1880's or 1870's but I'm leaning to the 1880's side.

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