Friday, January 20, 2012

Bustle Era Bugundy Velvet Outfit

From the seller:


Up for auction is this ultra rare and hard to find antique victorian coat & skirt. This set was made in the 1890s!!! Yes. . this set is over 110 YEARS OLD!!! Made of a burgundy velvet this hand sewn set epitomizes the fashion of the late 1800s! THE COAT features a front with 23 buttons!! The coat also has beautiful hand crocheted ecru lace trim around the cuffs and around the neck as well as a pleated tail in back. . . . . all typical of the fashion of the late 1800s. The pleated tail in the back fans out and each segment has a scalloped bottom. Typical of the era, this coat also has wire pieces sewn into it to hold its sleek shape and form. It also has a built in corsett that can be hooked to help hold form as well. The coat measures 19" from side to side at the armpit and 20" in length from the back collar to the bottom hem. The center portion in the front and the tail in the back do measure longer. The arms are 20 1/2" from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff. The bottom hem measures 17 1/2" from side to side.

THE SKIRT has 8 decorative buttons on the bottom in a sloping pattern and is fully lined with a teal fabric. There are pleats in both the front & back. This skirt closes with a set of 9 hooks in the back. This will tell you how old this skirt is as the marketable and patented modern zipper was not used until 1917!!! The skirt measures 14" side to side at the waist & 40 1/2" in length. The bottom hem when laid out measures 37" from side to side.

This really is a rare. . .Rare. . . . RARE find from the late 1800s!!!! Obviously this set is not in mint conditon as it is over 110 years old!! However it is in very good vintage condition for someting from this long ago era. This could be worn as it is or it could be used as an absolutely exquisite collection or display piece!!!

From Me:

Not 1890's at all; but a very neat example of the 1880's! The skirt confused me a bit with the button placement but everything about this bodice screams Late Bustle Era.

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