Thursday, March 20, 2014

1830's German (?) Regional Dress

From the seller:
Antique victorian wedding dress.. vestment .. very ornate.. gold metallic trim.. silk top.. wool bottom.. wool has lots of holes.. this is for a collector or restorer.. unusual.. and lovely.. measures.. 51" long.. 15" armpit to armpit and 28" waist..


From Me:

MINE! :-)

That being said, here are some pictures and then more of my commentary.
 Sort of the back side.  I wanted to show the wool pleats and the silk satin of the bodice.

 Center back.  You can see how the silver really sparkles in this photo, luckily.  It's very lovely couching.
 The silk is a floral silk.  I'm guessing 1830's/1840's based on the style of floral.  It reminds me somewhat of this style floral pattern on an 1840's gown sold by Augusta Auctions.
 Close up of the gold trim. 
 I really like how the front of the dress is edged.  The front flap has a piece of purple wool carefully stitched to the front of the skirt.  It's then flipped over and stitched down inside the skirt. 

 This is the hem pleats.  Someone stay stitched the dress so the pleats wouldn't call out.
 I have no idea what this flap is.  It's at the front of the bodice and only on the right side.
Inside the dress, showing how the pleats are attached to the bodice on the inside.  

So, I doubt this dress is Italian.  It's also not Titanic era.  It is 19th century based on the silk of the bodice.   What it looks like to me is the early 19th century German dresses.  Gwen of Idlewild IllustrĂ© wrote a bit on them a few months ago. Check it out.

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