Saturday, March 8, 2014

1850's/1860's False Undersleeves

From the seller:

A delightful and very pretty pair of undersleeves with hand embroidery. They are quite early and I would date them to 1835 - 1845, even though the muslin seems earlier.

The two tiny buttons are present, and both are in excellent condition. Just a few tiny pin holes on the top cuff where they would have been fastened to an undergarment.

Measurements: 15" in length.

From Me:

I'm not sure why the seller thinks these are earlier than the 1850's but they are from around the 1850's to well into the American Civil War era. I don't recall really seeing false undersleeves in the 1830's - almost all the sleeves are long, tight at the wrist, and puffy!

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