Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Late 1890's Poss. Liberty Gown in Yellow

From the seller:


This dress has hooks and eyes up the back of the gown. It is fully lined and the bodice has boning.

I am downsizing, and this is probably the hardest dress to part with. It is in excellent condition for the age.

The bust measures 32" and the back measurement from the shoulder to the bottom edge is 72". The front measurement from the shoulder to the bottom edge is 55".

Photo #4 shows the discoloration.

I have done nothing to this dress.

From Me:

Let's start with what this is not.

It is not a wedding gown. No woman in her right mind would even consider wearing her tea gown for her wedding dress. It would be like wearing your sweats to your wedding.

It's not 1880's. This tea gown is late 1890's - look up liberty dress 1890's on google and you'll see several more in this style.

The one curious thing about this is that the fabric looks like seersucker at first blush - however seersucker won't be invented until a good 20 or 30 years after this dress was made. In the close ups, it looks more like some sort of brocade that is just very shiny in spots - giving a 3d look.

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