Friday, March 28, 2014

Stunning Edwardian Gown

From the seller:

1012, Delicious 1900 Hand Made Lace & Aqua Silk Ball Gown: This may be one of the prettiest gowns on ebay this week. It was created at the turn of the 20th century, early 1900. It is the quintessential wealthy American Gibson girl. Those of you who know me are familiar with all of the exhibitions I do. This dress is far from perfect, but displays well. Most museums use soft light so that flaws are not noticeable. The bodice has a bust of 38 and a waist of 26. The skirt has a front length of 42 and a waist of 26.5. This woman was almost as tall as I am and I am five eleven. She had to be very striking. The bodice has been enlarged in the front two inches and this is period work. The condition of the lace of the skirt is good. I don't see many places that need mending and I see only a few spots on the back close to the bottom. The bodice lace is good as well, except for the large stain in the front. See photo. Both shoulders are accented with heavy velvet bows. The right shoulder has a repair under the bow where the bodice strap was torn. This was not done very well. Both the aqua silk of the bodice and the skirt lining are shattering. The silk chiffon ruffles are in fairly strong condition, but the bottom ruffle is stained from wear. There is fading to the silk and wear to the outer silk of the bodice and skirt as well. The lace is hand-made tape lace. The pattern is just beautiful. The lace would make a wonderful heirloom wedding gown. Hand-made lace is selling at premium prices right now. Check out Karen Augusta Textile Auctions in New York for prices realized and you will be amazed. The hours to make a piece of lace like this by hand are stupendous. There is no label in this gown. It looks like it was made by a dressmaker. It is good work but not quite up to couture standards. This gown is totally original from the top of the dress to the hem. The flowers are wonderful. This is the only dress I am listing this weekend because I am going to Dallas to shop at a Vintage show. I will list more great garments by Tuesday of next week.

From Me:

Please, no drool on the gown.


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    1. :-) A part of me thinks this may be a wedding gown. Wearing blue ("something blue") was very common in Ireland until really the 20th Century. Blue was considered the preferred color for a Catholic wedding gown for centuries as blue is the Virgin Mary's color. The white lace overlay would make the gown white. However, what makes me think a possible wedding is the floral details - orange blossoms.