Friday, March 28, 2014

Late Regency/Early Romantic Era Corset

From the seller:

An early 1820-1830 cotton corset. The corset is all hand stitched and has bone eyelet holes for the back lacing. The original lacing is missing. The corset is in good and clean condition. There is a nickel size hole and tiny split on one side near the waist and the other side has a small peas size hole. There are a few small age spots on one side. Bust 30 Waist 20.

From Me:

This style was worn by the less fashionable ladies well past the American Civil War. You'll find letters in the middle of the 19th Century complaining about how the old fashioned stays are still too commonly worn. It's sort of amusing to read, really.


  1. Ages ago I saw a 1850s illustration of a corset much like this one. I wish I remember where.