Sunday, March 23, 2014

Public Service Announcement!!!

PLEASE share this as far and as wide as you can. I've contacted Amazon but I'm not sure when they'll get around to warning people.

I received this email in my inbox today:


As you can see, it looks pretty legit.  The From says it's from Amazon.  It has all the "Amazon" graphics - however the survey link goes to  (DO NOT CLICK!!!!)  It is a scam email and it looks like Amazon's email might have been hacked overnight.  As I know many of my friends and their families aren't always the most computer literate, I realize that some people would look at the from, see the graphics, and think "I'd love a $1000 amazon card!" *click*.   Please, PLEASE, do not click the "Complete The Survey" button and warn your family and friends.  This is a link to a computer virus.   I haven't determined which one (I don't have my secondary comp up yet to play with such things) but it is not safe.  

I'm sorry to take up the bandwith here, but I really don't want anyone falling for this.   I know many of you use Amazon (who doesn't?) and I want to make sure I get this out to the widest audience possible.  (Did I mention I'm a computer geek in RL?)


  1. This note has nothing to do with your post, sorry.

    I have been trying to get in touch with you regarding a dress I saw on your blog site "All the Pretty Dresses". It was posted on October 6, 2013. It was brown from the 1920's and had a label inside that read "Orange Robes" with a Paris address.

    There was a woman who said her ancestors once owned the company that made that dress and she was interested in other dresses with that label.

    I have a dress with that same label. It was given to me by my grandmother and I have been trying to get some info on it myself.It is a different style but is also brown.

    I could send you a picture and maybe I could get in touch with this woman and compare notes.

    I hope to hear from you soon. I can be reached at

    1. Hi,
      On blogger, the comments don't thread so if you reply to someone else, I can't reply directly to your comment. It's a pain but blogger is one of the better platforms for posting the way I like to post. This is why I couldn't reply before.

      I honestly have no more information on the dress other than what is posted. If you would like to get in touch with the lady that replied to the post, click on her name and see if she has any blogs. Also, reply to her comment with your email. She should be able to see that if she has comments sent to her email address.