Saturday, March 8, 2014

Late Teens Era Purple Dress

From the seller:


Renowned english actress SALLY ANNE HOWES wore this and then it was purchased by 1 other celebrity.

Asian Inspired design, ancient process of hand painted gold on fabric often used in Art Deco/Art Nouveau eras

see gorgeous design details..tiny brush strokes (this is deliberate to the design) not wear, as is the subtle color flow

beautiful beads used at shoulder and arms…everything on this is deliberate and magnificent!!

I believe this was made in france but purchased in London in a high end boutique

no label, 'true' vintage and in mint vintage condition!



SHOWN ON A MODEL 5'8" and 115 pounds

this could be amazing on almost any body/size range.. 6,8,10,12, maybe 14

international buyers are responsible for all costs through customs including insurance and tracking

This was just re listed because the buyer wanted pictures of Sally Anne Howes wearing it, and documentations

which I never offered, nor could I. It was cherished for many years until now by world renowned celebrity biographer as well!!

The ownerships are true but I have no C.O.A. just my information which was initially offered as 'provenance'

not being given appraisals…so please buy this because you just 'LOVE' the dress and

Please ask all the questions you have to buy this gorgeous dress confidently so you may enjoy and treasure it!

This is being sold as FINAL is MINT..just dry clean perhaps but no stains, holes, etc

I just don't want to accept a return because it's too fabulous to not be sure it's for you!

Any hesitation please don't buy it..specific measurements or questions please request

This has to be a 1 of a kind! and it is a treasure!!

From Me:

This makes me facepalm on so many levels. A) The model wearing the dress. This ain't vintage, hon. And it looks to be silk velvet. Sweat and oils will ruin old cloth. If you don't believe me, check your sock drawer. How many socks are "thin" in the heel?
b)Sally Ann (no E) Howes was born in 1930. So, did she wear this when she was 8?
C) It's not 1930's, it's clearly from the Late Teens/ early 1920's. It looks very similar to many of the Fortuny designs from that era.


  1. Research fail. Sigh.

    But it's a gorgeous dress. If I ever went to a cocktail party, I'd want one like this. In teal!

    1. I want one with a tassle in the back where the sleeves are joined. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Hello and welcome to my blog! I post things that were for sale up on ebay or etsy or are items from private collections. Each of the items that were for sale include a link back to the original page via the "From the seller" and are followed by a description. All items are antiques and never meant to be worn - despite what some sellers may say. Please feel free to look at the over 2000 items I've posted here and ask questions!