Thursday, March 20, 2014

Late 19th/Early 20th Century German Hat

From the seller:

Extraordinary and extremely RARE bonnet dating of the end 1790/1800, German origin, allover covered with gold metallic trim and ornated with rows of stitched on sequins! (please see photos 5 & 6).

The bonnet is totally red silk lined and has a bright colourful all silk embroidered ribbon at its back. The condition of the bonnet is surprisingly perfect, only the silk ribbon has somehow suffered over the ages (photos 8 & 9)

The measure from one side to the other 16" (40cm)

Please look careful at the photos and do NOT hesitate to ask for any question and/or for some additional photos which I would be happy to send by simple demand!

Thank you!!

From Me:

The earliest I'd feel comfortable putting this hat would be the 1880's. I'm thinking more 1890's with the ribbon. It's possibly as late as the 1930's. Whatever decade it really is from (it's hard to judge with the regional dress because it just does not change as quickly), it's not 18th Century. For a couple of other good examples of this style, check out this post on Silk Damask. :-)

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