Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sweet Blue 1870's Bustle Outfit

From the seller:

Antique Victorian Dress Set Jacket/Bodice & Skirt Blue Silk/Satin Nice Design & Condition.

The dress set is very nice and certainly falls in the Victorian or Earlier Category. I will try to describe the Bodice & Skirt to the best of my ability but a man describing woman’s clothing is not easy.

The Jacket/Bodice is very nicely styled with a ruffle/pleated bib, waist and cuffs. Two buttons are missing and a third is loose without the crochet covering. The collar and both sleeves have some fraying and there is staining on the armpits and small area on the back at waist line. The jacket has what I would call a hemp lining.

The skirt is also very nicely styled with ruche front, bustle back, and pleating. It is also hemp lined. The skirt has some fraying and pulls at inside waist line and is missing a hook to fasten the waist. The overall condition is very good but is does have some staining in a couple small spots.

The bodice measures 12-1/2”across shoulder seam, 26” bust, 24” waist, out seam arms 16”, inseam arms 14” and overall length 22”.

The skirt waist line is 22” and overall length 34”.

All measurements approximate.

From Me:

Isn't this so lovely? From about 1875/76, just before the bustle went completely out for a few years.


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    1. I've rarely seen one that is all one material/color just because you need so much material to make all those pleats and dags!