Thursday, March 20, 2014

1930's Nightgown

From the seller:

Vintage 30's White Nightgown VTG 1930s Art Deco Burlesque Depression Flapper*


You are bidding on a white nightgown from the 1930's. The fabric is a lightweight taffeta type fabric. The bust area sleeves, and neckline are trimmed with lace. The garment has no closures. The garment is true vintage and has been worn.

*It is the responsibility of the buyer to read the description in it's entirety before bidding on our auctions. Please email with questions. Payment is due within 24 hours from the end of the auction or when the buyer agrees to purchase (such as a ‘Buy it Now’).


•Bust: 38 Inches

•Waist: 28 inches

•Hip: 36 inches

•Length: 56 Inches

•Sweep of the slip: 70 Inches

Condition* – { We do our best to accurately describe the condition, please email with any questions}: This garment is in good vintage condition. There are a few small holes in the lace trim at the neckline. The garment is true vintage and has been worn.

Cleaning – {We clean all garments if possible. Some items are not cleaned due to condition, age, and fabric /surface treatments. We use the best method to clean each garment, depending on age, fabrication, existing care instructions, etc. Please email with any questions}:The garment has been hand washed and line dried. This garment is true vintage and has been worn.

From Me:

"Burlesque Depression Flapper"? I...
Um, yeah, okay. This is why keyword spamming is a BAD idea. All I see is some lady from the 1920's with a big fan crying her eyes out...I don't envision this nightgown at all with those keywords.

Anyway, 1930's and probably pretty late in the 30's too.