Friday, March 21, 2014

Regency Sleeveless Summer Overcoat

From the seller:

This is an early 19th century embroidered muslin overdress. Most likely worn over a printed cotton dress, it's embroidered along the front and bottom edges, the inside has two tasseled cords to adjust the neckline, I have shown these in the second to last picture above.

The embroidery is in a sprig and French Knot style, the dress is entirely hand sewn.

There are no fasteners. The armholes have a raw edge. There is a silk binding, as well as two small pieces remaining at the left armhole. One small piece is visible on the outside, the other on the inside. I don't know if these are sleeve or lining remnants, or both.

It's about 46" long, in back to the long point.

In good antique condition, with a tear at each underarm, cut edges at the armholes, as described above. There is some overall age discoloration, no other holes, tears, or weaknesses.

From Me:
Probably the 1790's. The unstructured back is a clue that it might be earlier. There is also this portrait from 1796:

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