Tuesday, May 27, 2014

1890's Sheer Black Skirt

From the seller:

Two beautiful but in poor condition Victorian skirts that maybe you could use for a pattern or parts. The black trained skirt has a wide silk flounce with tiny ruffles all around the circle hemline, some that are in nice condition, some that are loose from the hemline and show wear. The black silk satin stripes under the net look to be in sound condition. The netting is poor, unsound and has several rips, tears and holes. The yellow skirt with the tiny top stitched dots has several rips and tears. Both skirts are small.





From Me:

Based on the seam lines, the bottom flounces, and the look of the fabric, I believe these are from the 1890's. They do not look to be in poor condition. Also, I bet the "yellow" underskirt just needs a good cleaning. It looks white on my monitor.


  1. Replies
    1. I rather liked that the polka dots...weren't. They are small squares on the black net in a scattered pattern similar to polka dots.