Wednesday, May 14, 2014

1920's Beaded Dress

From the seller:

SIZE EXTRA SMALL, made for a young girl this fit me when I was 14 years old.

My mother purchased this dress for me at an estate sale in Pasadena California probably in 1972 or close to that.

It was from the estate of Nora Grace from the Grace Steamship company and it was made for her to wear on a ship called the Nora Grace maiden voyage back in the 1920's I think around 1922 but I am not certain of the exact year. I have sold other items from this estate as well but this is the only piece of clothing. The story is that she was too sick to travel and that she had to cancel last minute so that the dress was not worn on the voyage but she must have worn it at least once because it is so pretty and there are a few tiny stains- please see condition for more information..

It is in the original box and was made by Collins Hats and Dresses of Los Angeles. I am only the second owner of the dress and it is nearly 100 years old, so I know it's history better than most of my vintage clothes.

I would say that the dress is in fair to good vintage condition, there are two brown spots on it one is dime size the other around quarter size, and there is a slight stain under one of the underarms which is maybe 1/8" wide by 1" long, a few pinhead size brown stains, and it looks like one piece of beaded fringe has broken. Other than that I can find no other damage on it but it is fragile simply from age.

It was made in two pieces which I have tried to show in the photos, one is a little top beaded more in the front than the back, and the other is a straight dress with beading starting around the hips to the bottom hem. The hems are scalloped and there are no zippers of any kind, this is meant to be put on over the head.

It is an extra small but please see the measurements.

Please feel free to ask me any questions in advance or for more pictures. The last two photos I have tried to capture the largest spots, again the spot in the 2nd to last picture is more pronounced in person but the color of the dress is a bit stronger as well, it is a peachy pink very feminine and delicate.

MEASUREMENTS OF TOP OR JACKET- shoulder to hem 19.5"" plus 2.5" of fringe, underarm to hem 10.5" plus 2.5" of fringe, underarm to underarm 17.3/4"- DRESS- shoulder to hem 35" plus 2.5" of fringe, underarm to hem 26.5" plus 2.5" of fringe, underarm to underarm 16.5", across at waist 16", across at hips 21"


From Me:

When I saw the first picture of the whole dress, I thought it was another 1980's trying to be 1920's gowns. However, the construction really looks to be authentic 1920's! As well as the beadwork and other details you really won't find in the 80's. I'm pretty sure the box is the one that goes with this dress. Very neat!

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