Saturday, May 31, 2014

Late 1920's Dress

From the seller:

With a fluttering asymmetrical cape, vintage from the late 1920s or very early '30s, this ethereal buff crepe flapper dress has all the charm and grace of that bygone Deco era ...and the cherry on top is that it's in excellent, well-cared-for and well-stored, and very wearable condition!

• Small size

• BUST measures 33" and can give to 34"
•seam at DROPPED WAIST measures 31" and can give to 33"
•HIP is free
•LENGTH shoulder to hem measures 35"

Please feel free to email me for other measurements, info or photos. I am always happy to email you right back (just not early in the morning - I am so not a morning person)







The dress is in excellent well-cared-for and very wearable condition with just a few small and probably insignificant things to mention. First, the good news is that the underarms are still strong and solid and healthy - and that's the usual trouble spot. There's a short seam at the shoulder that looks like it's shaping the shoulder but is actually a mend; there's a tiny hole on the skirt that might be better left unmended because it won't show with a slip underneath, and to me the lace looks newer than the dress and seems to have been replaced..

From Me:

This is a good example of way too much going on. I think the dress would look a lot better without the odd lace stuff at the bottom. Also, I can see the age spots on this dress - one hour of wearing it and you'd be naked.

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