Monday, May 19, 2014

Cute 1920's Everyday Dress

From the seller:

Gorgeous vintage 1920's Flapper dress in two tone green and black silk. The 100% silk dress has a tank style top with beading around the existing neckline in an Art Deco design also in silver and two tones of green. The same color of beading is also around the circumference of the drop waist in a larger scale of the same Art Deco design. The beading is in excellent condition in both areas with no beads missing and still securely attached. The only area where the beading has come apart is where the shoulder has separated on the one side shown in the pictures. The dress is cut straight down from the armpits to the bottom typical with the flapper style dresses. The skirt has a wonderful full playful design that's perfect for dancing and twirling. The skirt is in great condition with almost no damage. There is a tiny pinhead size spot on the edge of the bottom hem but other than that it would make a wonderful skirt on its own. If one had the skill, making the dress into just a skirt would be fantastic with the bottom beading being in excellent condition along with the two-tone silk. The top is obviously very damaged with the shoulder straps and neckline either completely separated or frayed. The armpits are no longer evident as they are missing any type of outline. The green silk from the top to the beginning of the beading at the skirt has approx. 6 places with 'slice' like holes that vary in size about the size of a pinhead. The silk in the same area has discoloration throughout also shown in the pictures. It's a gorgeous example of authentic vintage Art Deco beading and a great piece to alter into another unique beautiful garment. Please note the measurements below and don’t hesitate to contact me for further details.

From Me:

Although the dress is clearly disintegrating, it's still rather cute. I like the beading and the two tone of the skirt/bodice.

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