Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Edwardian Tea Gown

From the seller:

1900 Artistic Dress Pink Silk & Chiffon: This is just a phenomenal part of fashion history. For a brief time around the turn of the 19th to 20th century high fashion women were wearing gowns like this inspired by Grecian design. These gowns had much more freedom of movement than normal dresses of the time. The curator of the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing considered this dress as a donation some years back when he was putting together an Artistic dress display. On page 131 of "Fabulous" written by Kevin Jones and Christina Johnson you can see the Artistic Dress I donated to the museum which I purchased from ebay seller Fiddybee. This dress was designed for Stern brothers, West 23rd St. Paris, New York. The waist is 23 inches, the bust is 32, the shoulder is 12.5 and the front length is 42. This dress is quite fragile and has excessive damage to the underskirts. All of the underlinings and slips are shattering. The outer dress has faded in the front from a deeper pink to a lighter pink. The photo of the full length side shows the difference in the color. There are some spots on the pink silk as well. The silk chiffon in front has multiple holes and the sleeves have holes as well. The worst holes are on the shoulder part of one sleeve. See photo. This dress is just for display or inspiration it is too fragile and never could be worn. It is so incredible I just have hung on to it for years. It displays best from the back as you can see from photos. One photo shows the under slip deterioration. It is time to pass it on to someone else who will love it and take care of it. The bidding will start at $0.99 with no reserve. The first of next week I am going to list a gold lame ballgown from the same period. Have fun bidding.

From Me:

Remember, no drooling on the keyboard or dress.


  1. Oh, you caught me drooling. This one's so much fun. I can imagine myself wearing it. (If it didn't get so darn hot in Texas. ;)

    1. That's why there is air conditioning...and early spring! :-)