Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Edwardian Duster and Dress

From the seller:

Fabulous antique dress with matching 3/4 length jacket - raw silk, Belgian net lace, silk trimmings, fabric buttons with little rosettes. Victorian? Edwardian? Not sure of the precise era, but definitely looks amazing. Came from an estate with many antique Chinese textiles, so may possibly have Asian connections, though the lace, rosette buttons and styling seem thoroughly European.

In great condition, especially for age. Seems rarely used. Some fraying to the inside hem lining of the dress skirt, the net lace bodice shows some seam separations at the top of the high collar, and some holes in the lace in back. Some worn places in the silk fabric. The applied trim at the top of the jacket has come apart a bit. So, not perfect, but still looks wonderful!

Here are some measurements, all approximate. The jacket measures 50" from the back collar to the lowest point in back. From shoulder to shoulder is 15", shoulder to cuff 24", across the chest 34". The dress measures 58" from the top of the back collar to hem. From shoulder to shoulder is 14", shoulder to cuff 23", across the chest 32-34".

This dress and jacket is amazing.

From Me:

So for everyone else that grew up with the American Girls dolls; Remember Samantha? Remember her Aunt Cornelia? I could totally see Cornelia wearing something like this while out driving with Uncle Gardner!

So yes, this is from about the mid 1900's. :-)


  1. I'm so in love with this whole outfit!

    1. It's it pretty? Functional while looking lovely.