Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Black and White 1920's Dress with Pink beaded roses!

From the seller:

Out of my late 100 year old grandmothers estate I am offering an Art Deco 1920's flapper dress that belonged to my grandmother. The dress is very beautiful with the vintage lace and glass bead work it is breathtaking. It is unfortunate that through the years the silk material, and lace is just wearing out. I don't know if part can be restored? The material is very delicate, and tears easy. The bodice is beige color with embroidered tiny flowers in brown. The lace top, front back, and bottom is black lace, the body of the dress is black silk, and the beautiful glass rose bead work is done in colors of rose, magenta, lavender, red, light pink variegated, and gold. I believe the dress to be handmade, but not positive. Thanks for looking at my auctions!

From Me:

I bet the embroidered flowers were black but the fabric dye has faded.

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