Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Regency Bodice and Skirt

From the seller:
An early 1810-1820 tan jacket and skirt that have been de-accessioned from a museum collection. The cataloging tag is stitched inside the jacket. The garments are made of a silk and wool blend fabric. They are being displayed over a blouse that is not included, to show how the ensemble would have been worn. Both garments are all hand stitched. The jacket has a wide collar and a drawstring front. It is lined with cotton. The skirt fits just under the bust line and is lined with cotton. Both garments are in very good condition. There are some small pea size age spots on the back of the collar , a couple of small peas size age spots on the skirt and a few pencil tip size hole in the skirt. Bust 32 ½ Waist on skirt 28 Skirt length 40. A unique garment to add to an early textile collection.

From Me:

Although the sleeveless spencers were more popular a decade earlier, they were seen in the 1810's. What gives away the date on this outfit, however, isn't the lack of sleeves - it's the rounded collar. Very characteristic of the 1810's.

Sleeveless Spencer with Rounded Collar, back view

Upturned rounded collar

Portrait with an upturned rounded collar

Another upturned rounded collar

Sleeveless Spencer with an upturned rounded collar

These gals make everyone in the 80's who popped the collar look like amateurs.

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