Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bustle Era Skirt Panel

From the seller:

This was some strong woman who wore this heavy beadwork and one of great wealth. I believe these are called jet beads when they change from black to blue as the light hits them. This is solid beading in a fabulous design and it is very long, the whole front of a garment skirt, likely one side. It measures 37 inches long, 11 inches wide at the bottom, 5 inches wide at the top. The work is hand done on black velvet. I will add a photo of the back of it when i can take a photo in natural light. Incredibly beautiful. Very heavy. Shipping 12.00. I am getting eaten alive by shipping. Everything i sell seems to go to california or oregon! I am in richmond. Ebay estimates re so far off! . No international shipping. I will take front photos in natural light also. Black on black is not easy!

From Me:

This puts the couple of skirt front panels I have from this era to shame. Wow! My guess is 1880's but it could be as late as Edwardian. The insides shot showing the ruffle at the bottom of the skirt panel makes me think earlier rather than later, however. Also, the 37" would be pretty normal for a bustle era skirt.


  1. Wow! Drool! I've read about jet-beaded clothing, but never dreamed it could look like that!

  2. Wow indeed! Also, can't believe the low price it went for. Some lucky collector :-)