Friday, May 16, 2014

Beaded 1920's Dress

From the seller:

Here is an original flapper dress from the 1920s made of an ivory silk georgette fabric. It is heavily beaded and decorated with floral trim on the sides. There is an underlining of silk. It is in as-is condition; the shoulders are splitting and there are several splits and holes in the fabric. The back of the skirt is missing some fabric at the hem and has been poorly repaired. The dress would make a great example for study of the 1920s fashion era or perhaps could be fashioned into another garment.


Bust: Up to 37"

Waist: Up to 40"

Hips: Up to 42"

Length: 40"

From Me:

No fashioning into another garment. I'm really shocked that, given how light the material is, that it survived in this good of a condition for this long. Also, never hang antique garments on hangers like this (particularly silk ones!), the straps are way too thin and old to support the weight of the dress anymore. It will just cause them to break more quickly.

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