Wednesday, May 21, 2014

American Civil War Era Bodice

From the seller:

An 1800s jacket in an olive green silk taffeta. Some of the close up photos doesn't show the color. The jacket has 15 gorgeous buttons with brass rings underneath, it looks like the top button and a button on the collar? are missing. There's no sign of closures on the opposite side. The sleeves are detailed in a green chenille and silk braiding.
VINTAGE ~ ~ 1800s

LABEL ~ ~~ ~

FABRIC ~ ~~ silk

MEASUREMENTS ~ ~~ 16 1/2" to 20" length, 32" bust, 17" across the drop shoulder seams, 21 1/2" sleeve length from the bottom of the sleeve to the drop shoulder seam.

CONDITION ~ ~ The jacket has underarm damage ~ a few teeny pinpoint / pinhead size holes mostly on the sleeves ~ the color is a shade or two lighter in places, very subtle ~ and it's a bit dusty/dirty from storage. I'm sure it hasn't been cleaned for over 100 years.

From Me:

Probably about 1864 or so.

The gowns in the above plate have a similar sleeve to the extant bodice. Also, the trim lines are similar.

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