Monday, May 12, 2014

Lovely Lace 1930's Dress

From the seller:

Beautiful 1920's sheer lace dress! Dress is just fabulous! Dress is a creme floral lace with a pin tucked details on the skirt, shift stlye, dress has a unique mermaid bottom flair; this part of the skirt has a sniff kind of mesh that makes it flair out.  
  • Shows some age and wear
  • Has not been cleaned, it's recommend that the dress is dry cleaned or washed before wearing
  • Dress has some minor lace breaks, the very bottom hem of the dress in the back is dirty where the dress hit the ground. Underarms have some discoloration. 
  • Dress comes with a creme rayon slip that looks like it was sewn in at one time, it has some rips and I don't think it can be worn but it will come with the dress.
  • Otherwise in good condition!
  • Due to the nature of this dress all sales are final. 

Size: Small
Label: None

From Me:

1930's, easily. It has a more natural waistline than in the 1920's and the skirt is long and full.


  1. I just donated a dress like this to an auction a few months ago- I almost thought it was the same one being resold! Even had the little bolero jacket with slightly puffed sleeves. Very 1930s!

    1. How cool! Did you take any pictures of it, by any chance?