Sunday, May 25, 2014

Romantic Era Hooded Cape

From the seller:
A rare 1850-1860 beige pumpkin hooded full length cape. The cape is made of a silk and wool blend fabric. The cape has a ruffled collar. The large hood drapes over the shoulder when not worn. It is pleated at the back with a center button. The neckline has a pink and white stripe ribbon with long streamers that extend to the edge of the hemline. The cape has a hook and eye closure near the neckline. The cape has age spotting and small pea size holes that are mostly on one side. (see photo.) The ribbon trim has a few age spots but no splits. This style is rarely seen on the open market. Shoulders 15 Length 56 Width at bottom 176.

From Me:

This was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this cape.

...And I sort of had that look on my face for a couple hours while I tried to figure out when the heck it was really from because that isn't 1850's. Yes, they liked big bows - however, they also liked bonnets. The few capes that are from the 1850's and have hoods tend to have pointed hoods with tassels. Also, the capes tend to be short. I couldn't find any that looked remotely like this.

...But I knew this pattern. I knew I had seen it. I knew this style looked very, very familiar to me. That's when I realized it looks almost exactly like the Folkware Kinsale Cloak pattern. Which made me think it might be a reproduction because the Folkware pattern has been around since before I was born, I think. So having old looking fabric might not be a clue when the cloak itself is from the bicentennial.

However, I found this fashion plate from 1823:

She has a collar inside the hood.  The hood is not pointed.  There are no tassels.   And the cape is long. Then I thought it might be older than 1820's because of the stripy big bow at the neckline.  That's a bit more 1780's/1790's.   However, the button really bugged me.  They just didn't do that in the 18th century. That was more a 19th Century thing.  Then, I found this:
From Dames a la mode
Bwahaha!  She has a button on the inside of her hood!  This one is from 1838.  The 1830's had a thing for big bows...and sleeves...and skirts...and bonnets. So, because of the button, I'm going with 1830's for this one. 


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