Saturday, May 31, 2014

Edwardian Bohemian Want-to-be Skirt

From the seller:

Treasures : Wonderful antique 1900 ( I think about 1910 because of the silk floral pattern fabric who's typically from this era ) ruffles long skirt .


Made of silk , wool ( small part inside the skirt ) and tull with polka dots .

Pattern :

Floral pattern .

Size :

The size can be really large -XXL- or really small -XXS- ( a silk beige ribbon at the waist for tighten the skirt )

Measurements :

Length : 89 cm / 35 inches
Weight : 0,600 kg

Condition :

Excellent !

Only one or two small holes on the tull but it is very minor .
There is a black spot on the skirt ( see photo ) . I think it is a chocolat or coffee spot .

From Me:

The fabric is all consistent with a Turn of the Century date. Drawstrings were used in skirts- I have an extant bustle gown that is half drawstring, half pleated to a waistband- and this drawstring looks original.


  1. I love this!! There are several Edwardian petticoats in the Met Museum collections that look very similar to this, with the printed silk fabric and lots of lace. Could this be a petticoat?

    1. The only reason I hesitate in saying that it could be a petticoat is the silk. Most petticoats are out of cotton with lace at the bottom - where it might show should you need to lift your skirt to get up the stairs. The lace on this is fairly high as well - more like a skirt.